Husqvarna Clothing

Husqvarna are not only known for there world class motorbikes they are also known for the clothing they
produce, from there casual range to the motocross/enduro and street gear everything Husqvarna produce
is top quality.
Husqvarna’s Casual range is perfect for day to day use offering style and comfort at an affordable price.
The Casual range has something to suit anyone, whether you’re looking for T-Shirts, Shirts, Hoodies,
Hats, Shorts, Trousers, Jackets or the new Husqvarna & Rockstar clothing range they have options for all
including Mens, Womens and kids.
Husqvarna also offer Motocross/Enduro gear and Street style gear. For the Motocross/Enduro gear they
have it all from Jerseys, Pants, Jackets, Gloves, Helmets, Goggles and Body Armour. For the road riders
Husqvarna produce a one piece set of leathers, a helmet, gloves, a jacket, jeans and a pair of trainers/shoes
for brilliant protection whilst still retaining style.
Here at GH Motorcycles we have all Husqvarna products in stock, so if you want great clothing from a
top motorcycle manufacturer Husqvarna then now is the perfect time to get kitted out in all the latest gear.