2017 Suzuki RMZ450 – 0% Finance

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0% APR over 12-36 months with £2,000 minimum deposit. OFFER ENDS 31st MARCH 2018

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  • Deposit £2,000.00 (minimum)
  • 36 Monthly Payments of £102.75
  • Annual Percentage Rate 0.0%
  • Total Amount Payable £5,699.00

The 2017 Suzuki RM-Z450 features the Suzuki Hole-shot Assist Control (S-HAC) system for dominant performance launching out of the gate on virtually any kind of track conditions. After you grab the hole shot, its exceptional power from idle to red-line, remarkably crisp throttle response and incredibly precise handling let you dominate the competition. The RM-Z450 — when you’re serious about winning!

Adjusting the Showa SFF-Air fork on the RM-Z450 has never been easier! Download the SFF-Air Support app from Showa on your Apple or Android device to simulate the effect of various changes to your suspension and let this new tool help you find the best possible setting for your RM-Z.*

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2017 Suzuki RMZ450

1 The Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is a selectable launch system derived from the factory race bike to help riders’ takeoff from the starting gate for an early lead. There are three modes riders can choose for the best option per their skill level and starting conditions
A Mode: For hard surfaces or slippery conditions at the starting gate. In this mode, S-HAC alters ignition timing at the moment of launch and the ride over the gate to reduce wheel slip to deliver a smooth take off. It also advances ignition timing during this sequence for stronger acceleration. After 1.2 seconds or when you reach third gear, the system shuts off and returns to normal ignition timing
B Mode: When conditions at the starting gate have better traction, and a more aggressive launch is desired. S-HAC will advance the ignition timing to allow increased throttle response and stronger acceleration off the line. The ignition timing alternation is in a similar sequence as Mode A, but with increased overall timing. One of three conditions will return the ignition to normal operation (whichever happens first): 1. After 4.5 seconds has passed since throttle opening 2. When you shift to 4th gear 3. When the throttle is closed
Base Mode: Standard power launch, no action required on the S-HAC switch
2 The SFF-Air suspension evolved from the SFF system but without a conventional coil spring resulting in reduced weight, increased inner tube diameter and damper rod/piston size. SFF-Air utilizes three tunable chambers so riders can easily adjust the spring rate with an air pump instead of changing out steel springs
Lightweight front brake caliper has reduced mass while still providing outstanding stopping force


3 449cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine delivers phenomenal idle-to-redline performance
The compact aluminum cylinder is finished with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating for durability, light weight and efficient heat transfer
The piston pin has Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) surface treatment, for less friction and increased durability
Designed for motocross-use, the lightweight, battery-less, electronic fuel injection system with progressive throttle linkage delivers efficient power. A 12-hole fuel injector sprays a fine fuel/air mist for efficient combustion
For quick fuel adjustments to suit riding conditions, two couplers are provided. One is for rich and another for lean fuel setting compared to stock setting. Riders can change fuel settings in seconds by simply connecting either coupler to the wire harness
Engine starting is easy due to a long kick starter lever, refined internal gears, and decompression system that works precisely and efficiently
4 Cooling performance is efficient with hose routing that is balanced between the left and right radiators, and a high capacity coolant pump


Refined 5-speed transmission enables precise gear shift operation. The transmission feel has been improved with a revised shift cam for accurate gear selection. Specialized machining processes increase the precision of the matching gears


The frame has increased rigidity and reduced weight from previous generation RM-Z450
Slim chassis design creates a trim riding position, allowing the rider to actively take control of the machine
The SHOWA rear shock, with rising-rate linkage system, provides 12.2 inches of wheel travel and complements the SFF-Air fork
Race-inspired waved disc rotors are mounted to black EXCEL aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes
New black anodized Excel aluminum rims are made specifically to withstand rugged racing environments, including Supercross, Motocross and off-road conditions.

The standard Renthal Fatbar is stronger and reduces vibration more than conventional aluminum handlebars
New competition inspired body panel colors, graphics and seat color
New color gripper seat, with projected cross-shaped patterns on its yellow top surface, aids rider control
Front upper and lower fork clamps are anodized black, complementing the gold fork leg finish



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