Husqvarna Factory Triple Clamps TC/FC/TE/FE 2014-2017



  • TC/FC 14-17 models
  • TE/FE 15-17 models

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Husqvarna Factory Triple Clamps

The CNC-machined factory triple clamp has the following properties:

  • Manufactured from highest grade aluminium
  • Optimally tuned steering stem stiffness
  • 100% alignment of the fork tubes
  • Perfect flexibility – adapted precisely to the Husqvarna WP fork
  • Fork clamp spindled after anodising: With the same tightening torque, this operation increases the friction between triple clamp and fork tubes, thus practically preventing the fork tubes from twisting in the triple clamp.
  • The special steering stem bracket provides additional support for this feature
  • Ultra-easy offset adjustment between 20 mm or 22 mm. Dismantling of front wheel and fork is not necessary with the Husqvarna Factory Triple Clamps!

The Husqvarna Factory Triple Clamps offset is the distance between the horizontal centre line of both fork tubes and the centre of the steering axis, by which the fork tubes are offset from the steering axis (referred to as dimension “X”). The selected offset can be seen at a glance thanks to the marking on the triple clamp.

Offset setting options:

  • Shorter offset: stability on fast straights
  • Longer offset: simpler and swifter steering into corners


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