Progrip PG788 Orange


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Progrip PG788 Orange

Extra Slim NO waffle

Progrip is the first company that offered the triple compound handgrip. These grips are made by three different density rubber materials. This is what riders are looking for: hard material in the inner part of the grip to fix better on the bar without any problem of slippery. Medium hardness material in the sides for the best control of the bike and soft material for reduction of all vibrations that the motorcycle can transmit. Comfort and technology for your hands.

In all triple delnsity models, the hard density inner tube and the medium density grip ends flanges help towards maximum grip efficency.

Firm on the inside, Gel Density towards the palm of your hand and Medium Density on the ends.

Riders are always looking for SOFT GRIPS that don’t slip on the bar. The rule in grip design is that the softer the material the more the grip will slip against the bar. Plastiche Cassano is the company that first offered duo density grips to the Motorcycle world and we try to bring new technical solutions to the market as the need arises. So we decided to Design an even stronger inner sleeve to help minimize grip movement, while providing both a soft gel material and a harder material where needed.

Thus, the first Triple Density Grip was born.